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What Is Propolis?
• Honey and Royal Jelly are perhaps the more well-known bee products. However, bees also make propolis, another miraculous but relatively unknown product that can be used as an ingredient for the improvement of human health.

• It is a natural resin that bees collect from plants (eg. leaf buds or tree barks), and combine with bee saliva and secretions to make into a natural “glue” type substance. This glue is used to coat the inner walls of the hives, to keep their hives sterile and free from bacteria.

What Are The Benefits Of Propolis?
• Propolis is known to contain many essential vitamins and minerals, and has a remarkable ability to fight and prevent many types of bacteria, funguses and viruses. It also has natural anti-bacterial properties and is known as “nature’s anti-biotic”.

What Is The History Of The Use Of Propolis?
• Humans began using Propolis more than 2,300 years ago for many purposes, the foremost of which was applying it to wounds to fight infection. It has been used in folk medicine to treat skin wounds, as its sticky consistency was perfect for covering damaged skin before dressings or band-aids were invented. It also promoted the healing process with its mild anti-infective properties.

• The ancient Greeks and Romans treated mouth and throat infections, abscesses, sores and ulcers by utilising Propolis’ marvelous properties. Over time, it has been marketed in various forms, such as toothpastes, mouth rinse and lozenges.

What Is The Use Of Propolis Today?
• Today, scientists recognize Propolis as an antibiotic and anti-viral substance that strengthens the efficacy of the immune system. Propolis can be found in cosmetics, in creams for external application to treat skin diseases and sores, throat sprays to soothe throat infections as well as antiviral and antibiotic capsules, extracts, powders and tablets that can be taken orally to treat cold and flu.

What Are The Benefits Of Propolis In Oral Care?
• Propolis plays an important role in oral hygiene, and in maintaining healthy teeth and gums. It is known for its ability to nourish gums and prevent gum problems.

How Will Colgate Propolis Toothpaste Benefit You?
• The new Colgate Propolis toothpaste is different from normal toothpaste. For the first time ever, Propolis, the natural ingredient known for its gum nourishing properties, is added to Colgate’s proven calcium and fluoride formula. This unique formula comes in a great refreshing golden gel to nourish and make gums healthier.

New Colgate Propolis – For stronger teeth and healthier gums.