Colgate Dental Health and Oral Hygiene Resource Center.

Colgate Dental Health and Oral Hygiene Resource Center. The Colgate Oral Health Center is a resource of information about oral hygiene, dental care, tooth whitening, gum disease, dental visits, flossing, gingivitis, cavities, oral health for seniors, dental treatments and other medical conditions.

Common Problems
Learn more about common tooth and gum problems, including cavities, gum disease and sensitivity.
Common Problems
Plaque and Tartar
Gum Disease
Oral Infections and Disorders
Bad Breath
TMJ/TMD: Temporomandibular Disorders
Bruxism/Tooth Grinding
Wisdom Teeth
Dry Mouth
What Is Tooth Sensitvity?

Tooth sensitivity is tooth pain due to a wearing away of the tooth's surface or gum tissue. The most common cause of sensitive teeth in adults is exposed tooth roots due to receding gums. Because these roots are not covered by enamel, thousands of tiny channels leading to the tooth's nerve center (pulp) are exposed. When heat, cold or pressure touches these channels, you feel pain. MORE...