What is Colgate Herbal White toothpaste?
Colgate Herbal White toothpaste combines Colgate's expertise in oral care with some of nature's finest ingredients. With its unique blend of herbs, Colgate Herbal White delivers a great brushing experience to help ensure first and foremost your good oral health. Plus, it whitens too.

How does it work to whiten and strengthen teeth?
Colgate Herbal White helps whiten teeth with gentle cleaning silica and calcium carbonate. It removes surface stains from food and drink. Colgate Herbal White also helps strengthen teeth with fluoride.

What are the benefits of using Colgate Herbal White?
Colgate Herbal White's special blend of herbs gives it a unique flavor that leaves your mouth with a fresh feeling. In addition, the Colgate Herbal White formula contains fluoride to strengthen teeth.

What makes Colgate Herbal White different from other Colgate toothpastes? How does it compare with other whitening toothpastes?
Colgate Herbal White contains natural herbs in its formula. Its unique combination of calcium carbonate and high cleaning silica delivers whitening and a fresh feeling in your mouth.

Can children use Colgate Herbal White?
Yes. As with any other toothpaste, children 6 years old and below should use a pea-sized amount and should brush under the supervision of an adult.

What happens if the cap is left open?
Because Colgate Herbal White has a natural base of calcium carbonate, the toothpaste can lose some of its moisture and harden if the cap is left off for prolonged periods of time. To avoid this, always close the cap after brushing.

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