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Tooth Whitening

Tooth Whitening
For a smile as healthy as it is bright, learn the safest ways to whiten!

Tooth Whitening Basics

How Does Tooth Whitening Work?

There are many ways to whiten your teeth — from whitening toothpastes and other products that can remove many surface stains for very little cost  Read "How Does Tooth Whitening Work?" article

How Safe is Tooth Whitening?

Over a decade of research has proven bleaching and other whitening methods to be both safe and effective. Several products in the market today have shown no adverse effects on teeth or gums in substantial clinical and laboratory testing.  Read "How Safe is Tooth Whitening?" article

Tooth Whitening Treatment

How Do I Know what Shade My Teeth are?

There's no one standard system in the dental field to measure and determine tooth color. Nor is there an exact answer to how white your teeth can become-every person's situation is unique.  Read "How Do I Know what Shade My Teeth are?" article

Tooth Whitening Continues to be a Popular Dental Request

Since 2005 the number of Americans professionally whitening their teeth has increased over 15%. Take a look at the many whiteners and whitening treatments available in stores or through your dentist’s office. Learn the safest methods and why you may be a better candidate for a particular type of whitening treatment. Read "Tooth Whitening Continues to be a Popular Dental Request" article

What Products for Whiter Teeth are Available from the Drugstore or Retailer?

You have a wide range of choices when it comes to whitening your teeth-from whitening toothpastes, special gels, and strips to packaged whitening systems  Read "What Products for Whiter Teeth are Available from the Drugstore or Retailer?" article


How Do I Maintain My Newly Whitened Smile?

Over time, exposure to foods, drinks (especially coffee, tea, colas and red wine) and tobacco will gradually darken your newly whitened teeth. But there are steps you can take to maintain your pearly white smile.  Read "How Do I Maintain My Newly Whitened Smile?" article

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